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Craig A. Thompson

IADC President-Elect


Craig Thompson, Partner, Venable, LLP, Baltimore, Maryland represents clients in both federal and state courts in the areas of commercial litigation, products liability, personal injury, and premises liability Craig is an assertive and professional trial lawyer and legal counselor with over ten years of experience handling civil cases before federal and state courts throughout Maryland. He has successfully resolved numerous cases and provided clients with a clear understanding of the various issues involved in their respective matters. He has extensive experience representing plaintiffs, which enables him to fully understand the many variables associated with assessing liability and damages, and allows him to advise his clients accordingly. He was a member of the trial team that negotiated a multibillion dollar settlement, the largest in Maryland history. His client base includes Fortune 500 Corporations as well as mezzanine-level companies. He currently works on the trial team defending a major pharmaceutical company in national litigation concerning one of its products, and has been given responsibility for identifying and developing experts. On the commercial litigation side, Craig is representing an international retailer in its defense of a commercial racial profiling claim, and assisting with the development of risk management strategies for local and national companies. His professional motto, “add value and provide solutions,” has guided him throughout his career. Mr. Thompson has lectured nationally on a variety of legal subjects, and has become well known as a seminar and keynote speaker.


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750 E Pratt St Ste 900 Baltimore, MD 21202


General Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Products Liability


Government Enforcement and Corporate Compliance


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