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DRI Law Firm Information Security Audit

Is Your Firm and Client Data Secure?

DRI is excited to offer law firm information audits through our partnership with Kraft Kennedy. All audits are made available to DRI members for a nominal fee.

Kraft Kennedy is a well-known multidisciplinary consulting firm with expertise in technology and management consulting, technology strategy, application and technology infrastructure, computer forensic services, managed services and information security and governance. An appropriate and effective security program is important to the success of every organization and should be a top priority, especially with today’s threat landscape. The results of the assessment include a roadmap to enable you to prioritize how to address the gaps in your security program and ultimately reduce risk for your firm. The report will include short term, medium term and long term recommendations. The report will:

  • Assist you in assessing the current state of your firm’s information security program
  • Provide a rating of your firm’s security and risk level
  • Highlight the information security issues that you have already addressed as well as the most important steps you can take to improve

If you would like more information including cost on this new service, please contact Michael Kraft at (212) 692-5615 or kraft@kraftkennedy.com.